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Note: We give priority to unpublished articles. Tell us in the Subject Line of your email if an article is unpublished on the Internet so that we may fast track it. We will Copyscape to validate if the article is unpublished as well.

Business Articles needs writers like you to help us fill out our directory. The more content we have on our business articles site, the higher our search engine rankings and the higher the SE rankings, the more traffic we can send to you.

See how this works? Everyone wins.

The writer's guidelines for Business Articles is quite simple and are stated here:

  • Length - 350 - 3500 words
  • Subject - business only
  • Linking - one outbound link per article
  • About the Author section - Appears at the bottom of each article. May include one outbound link. No more than 50 words or it will be truncated down to 50 words.
  • Rights - non-exclusive Internet publishing rights, archival rights
  • Payment - no payment, just publicity

Writing industry articles is a great way to get your online career on-track, so send in your business articles and help us get some traffic to your website.


Business articles are the life blood for many trying to get ahead in today's changing marketplace. It is estimated that 67-percent of business people read 7 or more business articles per week. This is a great testament for the yearning for knowledge in today's business environment.

This business articles website is devoted to keeping you up-to-date with what is going on in today's web business world. Check out the entire site to learn how you can get an edge and keep it.



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