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Search engine optimization (SEO) has been around long enough now that everyone from the CEO to the intern know a little something about it. And, like many grade schoolers knowing more about computers than their parents, the intern may just know more about SEO than the CEO.

The head of a corporation may be an expert in picking the right people to delegate task to, who will in turn, get the job done.
In other words, they will have a marketing director to know all of the details and implement a comprehensive marketing plan for the company.

As most large brick and mortar store have now jumped onto the Internet, this marketing plan will include online advertising and probably a great deal of PPC advertising. There are still a number of Fortune 500 companies lagging in their SEO efforts, however, but this is changing.

Marketing directors have become wise to using SEO to get their websites high targeted traffic for a fraction of the cost of PPC. The evidence of the ROI an impact on the bottom line has made its way up the corporate ladder.

Many CEO are now taking notice of search engine optimization companies that offer advanced SEO services in order to boost their client's visibility online and bottom line at the same time. There are a number of CEO's who have been so impressed that they have brought these same services in-house, rather than contracting out.

But, contracting out this work also has many advantages as well such as not having to pay healthcare benefits, salary increases and other benefits such as stock options. Today's CEO may not know the specifics of SEO, but he or she knows the benefits. And, those benefits are huge when in comes to impacting the bottom line.

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